Issue Number 34: Leadership Moments and Marshall Goldsmith

Most leadership moments are little ones – a conversation with a colleague or a response to an email message. They are available to all of us, regardless of our positions.

You will probably have at least fifty leadership moments today. Leadership moments represent opportunities to demonstrate your ability to lead and to share your leadership philosophy.

You cannot simply create a relationship of trust with each member of your team and assume it will remain in place. You can, however, use these moments to nurture an atmosphere of trust by looking for opportunities to demonstrate you can be trusted and you trust others.

One of my favorite writers is Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Dr. Goldsmith describes a powerful way to use a leadership moment. He offers a method of effectively achieving individual and corporate alignment by asking six questions of each of your direct reports. One of those questions is “Any questions for me?” Asking that question allows your direct reports to let you know not only how you can help them, but also that you trust them to ask questions that will help you do a better job.


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