Issue Number 1: Lead One Person At a Time

You may want to treat everyone fairly, but fair does not always mean equal. Each person is an individual, and you are bound to fail if you treat them all the same way. One size does not fit all. One size fits one. That is why you need to lead one person at a time.

In my experience, the best preparation for leading one person at a time is to get to know the people in your organization – their strengths, their weaknesses, their preferred methods of communication and how they make decisions. The better you know the people working with you, the more easily you can make the best use of their talents.

I can almost hear you saying you do not have time to get to know other people. If you do not have enough time to get to know the people who will determine, in large measure, your success, you are not using your time wisely.

How do you find the time to learn about others, especialIy if you have locked yourself into a task-focused way of leading? Don’t waste your time trying to be all things to all people, flapping your leadership wings like our friend the butterfly in the picture above.

Follow the same guidance you learned as a child when crossing the street – stop, look and listen. Stop focusing only on yourself, look at what others are doing, and listen to what they are saying.

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