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"Ron's book is practical and easy to understand. I found myself nodding and smiling in agreement throughout the entire book. Ron not only provided examples and stories of leaders in the conventional organization, but also political leaders, sports leaders, and parenting to help you relate and understand the concepts brought forward. After reading the book, I found these concepts to be helpful in so many areas of my life, not just work. It is a must buy for veteran, new, and aspiring leaders. Thanks for sharing your experiences Ron!"
- J ( review)
"Ron's knowledge of project management really helped me understand and appreciate the importance of each component - from building a strong business case to evaluating the final product. His passion and enthusiasm were really contagious. His mentoring skills inspired me to learn more and to become more involved, and motivated me to excel. He really made me feel comfortable using my creativity and never feeling like I made an irreversible mistake. To this day, I still recall what a joy it was to meet with him to discuss my progress. We need more mentors like Ron Taylor!"
- Maribel Aponte, Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau.
"Inspiration can come from different sources; Ron's comes from experience; mine now comes from Ron. After reading his perspectives on leadership and listening to his presentations, I found myself appreciating just how deeply he understands the subject and how much I can benefit from his solid and enduring message. Ron's enlightened insights bring much appreciated clarity to my understanding of the subject. He connected with me as a reader and a listener as if we were having a one-on-one chat with a trusted friend."
- Michael O’Brochta, President, Zozer, Inc.
"Ron Taylor's book "Leadership: Stories, Lessons, and Uncommon Sense" is a must-have book for your office and/or home. Although directed at readers in leadership roles, the strategies that Ron presents can be used in a variety of venues from dealing with clients and customers to teachers/professors dealing with students. Among other things, the book highlights techniques that are meant to build-up and bring out the best work ethic in subordinates by creating an atmosphere of trust. By nurturing these relationships, you demonstrate that you trust your subordinates and that they can trust you thus creating win/win situations. I read this...
- Denise ( review)
Ron's broad experience in Federal government programs, his experience in implementing mentoring programs, and his strong teaching skills were instrumental in preparing our employees to embark on this new and important mentoring program.
- Cynthia Clark, Associate Director for Methodology and Standards U.S. Census Bureau
Funding for new Air Force programs is often difficult to obtain. Ron aided me and other Air Force staff in organizing our thoughts and formatting the information in a logical process. The result was a realistic cost estimate as well as a project management strategy. Ron's efforts significantly contributed to receipt of additional funding and support for further development of our new technology program.
- Phil Huber, Chief, Technology Division, Air Force CIO Office.
"It was certainly a pleasure listening to your presentation yesterday...truth, sincerity and integrity in sharing you experiences."
- Patrice Major, Director, Program Support Services, George Washington University
Ron Taylor and his team do a great job of blending the "real world" application of project management with the PMI definitions and concepts to help class members prepare for the PMP exam. Their training materials are concise and targeted to meet the needs of the class participants, and their interest and enthusiasm are genuine. I highly recommend the Ron Taylor Group to everyone who is interested in passing the PMP exam.
- Linda Hall PMP, Director of Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education
"Awesome, educational and entertaining! Mr Taylor is an excellent speaker. I've been a leader in the military for years, yet still found many salient points in his presentation."
- Dr. Edward Johnson
I have been involved in project management for nearly 20 years and have been exposed to a fair amount of both formal and informal training, but Ron Taylor's Golden Nuggets course is among the best I have seen. It is concise but thorough and is just the right length for people who are actively engaged in project or program management. I also recently took Ron's refresher course for the PMP exam and found it to be the same level of quality; I felt truly prepared for the exam.
- Dan Larson PMP Principal, Acquisition Solutions
"It was a pleasure listening to your keynote today. I found your message compelling and appreciated your clarity. Your examples were top-notch, and you have a rare ability to be not only a good messenger, but one who emphasizes the message over himself. That is a rare quality indeed!"
- Fred Apelquist, Staff Writer at
"Ron Taylor’s “Leadership: Stories, Lessons, and Uncommon Sense” is a concise, yet playful guide to being an effective leader. The structure of the book was designed with the practitioner in mind; each chapter focuses on a leadership approach and contains poignant stories and examples that help guide the reader in integrating the principles with his or her own leadership style. Drawing upon principles of emotional intelligence, generational differences, and the power of the positive, Ron provides practical examples and easy-to-follow guidelines to lead successfully and authentically. I have recommended this book to peers and colleagues. No matter where you are...
- Kelly Krystopowicz
"Ron is an exceptional leader and project manager. He is one of the most people oriented individuals I have ever encountered. His thorough attention to detail, his passion for everything he gets involved with, and his unassailable integrity and professionalism inspire and motivate the people around him to share in his vision and to get the job done."
- A. Chris Fristad, PMP, Former President, Washington D.C. Chapter of the Project Management Institute
"Ron's book, "Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense" is a smart unassuming book that manages to impart the foundations of leadership without the pomp and hyperbole one usually encounters with projects of this nature. The no nonsense, humorous tone belies the depth of the subject matter as well as the many critical insights contained within. I can see this book used as a guide to team building exercises as well as a good desk companion in a busy workplace."
- A. Grimm ( review)
"This book is a powerful read with profound, yet simple ideas to apply as a leader. I truly enjoyed the stories and humor that made the book so fun to read. It's obvious that Ron understands the "intangibles" which makes a great leader. I'm very excited to pass along this book to my clients, colleagues, friends and family. It's my new favorite book!"
- DCBC ( review)
"Ron Taylor did an outstanding job leading the November 18, 2011 Leadership Breakfast in Reston, VA. His topic was "What the Dog Saw" and, through this humorous perspective, Ron facilitated a highly interactive discussion about how we learn from leaders based not on what they do, but on what we see. The overwhelming feedback after the session was that it was both informative and fun for our group of seasoned leaders. I highly recommend Ron to any group looking for an outstanding speaker."
- Allan Croll, CEO eKnow, Inc.
"Ron's speeches are an inspiration and constant source of positive direction! He provides both wit and thoughtfulness to life's everyday situations. I highly recommend Ron Taylor as a speaker to any group of professionals seeking realistic motivation."
- Darla Howard-Ramirez, Chair, PMIWDC
"I've been lucky enough to benefit directly from Ron's leadership and mentoring for more than 6 years. Ron's book, Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense" is a wonderful and thorough overview of a number of salient points we could all stand to be reminded of - or to learn firsthand before stumbling into situations that cause to realize we need to learn them! Ron's honest writing style and his often humorous (and always true) anecdotes make this an enjoyable read. I've added "Leadership - Stories, Lessons, and Uncommon Sense" to my team's professional reading is equally applicable to everyone...
- Aaron Hall ( review)
"In "Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense" Ron Taylor gives important guidance of practical use in day-to-day managing. I wish I'd read this book as a young manager. The lessons are important, and Ron makes the learning enjoyable. He helps us see that we can also succeed, and he provides genuine tools with which to do so."
- Tom Petersik ( review)
Ron's expertise, talent, and direction led to our competency-based approach to project management and knowledge management. Ron's leadership and passion for project management and knowledge management have moved us toward a culture of continuous learning and development, aligned these two core competencies with our business purpose, and engaged our employees in implementing our business decisions.
- Bill Bostic, Chief of the Manufacturing and Construction Division, U. S. Census Bureau.
"I was unable to attend your June 2010 PMI WDC dinner speaking engagement entitled, "The Leader in the Mirror", but just finished watching a video of it on the PMIWDC website. Please know that I have never been moved to send an email like this before, but I enjoyed your talk so much I had to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful presentation. It was the best and most helpful PMIWDC presentation that I've seen or attended in person. Again, sincere thanks for sharing these insights and lessons in leadership. Your presentation is a gem, and I...
- Rich Manegio, Director Product and Partner Services, Symantec Corp
"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for your presentation for my MBA class. Your skills and experience as a leader shone through, and the students were very interested in what you had to say. It is rare to find someone who has been such a successful “doer” and can translate that experience into a compelling presentation, but you managed to accomplish just that. Your stories were an excellent balance to your experience. Pacing and timing were perfect. All in all, it was a very engaging and powerful presentation!"
- Dr. Barbara Hoopes, Virginia Tech
"Thanks for delivering such an excellent keynote today at the IRS. The audience enjoyed your real life stories and humor, and you made people step back from their everyday work and think about their leadership style, successes and areas for improvement. This was truly professional development. "
- Carol Huber, Chief, Infrastructure Project Management, I.R.S.
"As a business owner, there's always something more to learn and improve upon. "Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense" is the first book I have ever read that actually taught me how to listen! I've read many books on leadership, management, business, speaking..........but will always remember this book and the lessons I've learned and will put into practice on listening skills. It's amazing!"
- Benjamin Mangan ( review)
"Ron has a unique gift for telling a story with a powerful message by simplifying complex ideas. His subtle yet witty delivery kept me engaged and chuckling throughout the presentation. What is amazing about Ron is he can so easily translate his wisdom into something that resonates with each member of the audience. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to hear him speak!"
- Diana Castaldo, President, Bonaros Consulting
“I would like to thank you personally for taking the time last night to speak at the monthly meeting of the DC Chapter of the Project Management Institute. The information and perspective you shared, in such an engaging manner, was both timeless and priceless. I literally cannot find the words to express how much I appreciated what you had to say, and how much I enjoyed the way you delivered it. You are quite possibly the best speaker I have had the pleasure of listening to. Thanks again, Mr. Taylor. What a gift you gave us last night!”
- William Willer, Assistant Treasurer, Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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ACS Defense

Acquisition Solutions

African Cultural and Resource Center

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Society of Training and Development



BAE Systems

Baltimore PMI Chapter

Barquin International

Bearing Point, Inc.

Bureau of the Census

Bowman Consulting

Capital One

The Centre for Advanced Studies (Munich)

The Center for Systems Management.

The Central Intelligence Agency

Charleston Community of Central Virginia PMI Chapter

Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development SIG


The Dayton PMI Chapter

The Defense Intelligence Agency

The Department of Education

The Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Justice

The Department of Veterans Affairs Affairs

Didlake, Inc.

The Environmental Protection Agency

The Fairfax County Government

The Federal Aviation Administration

Florida Tech. University


George Mason University

Greater Washington Society of Association Executives


Hampton Roads PMI

The Institute for Defense Analysis

The International Economic Development Council

The Internal Revenue Service

The Keystone Chapter of the Project Management Institute

Litton PRC

Lockheed Martin

Long Island PMI Chapter

Louisiana State University

Management Concepts

The Management Training and Development Institute

ManTech Inc.

Montgomery County PMI Chapter



The National Institutes of Health

The New Jersey PMI Chapter


The Northeast Florida PMI Chapter

Northern Virginia Community College

Northrop-Grumman TASC

Northrup Grumman Information Technology

Northrup Grumman Mission Systems


The Performance Institute

The Pentagon Renovation Project

Pittsburgh PMI Chapter


Presbyterian Church USA

The Project Management Institute

Project Trailblazers

Prudential Insurance Company

The Quality Assurance Association of Maryland

RGS Associates

Southern Maryland University

StrategyBridge International


Silver Spring PMI Chapter

Southern Ontario PMI Chapter


Synergy Training and Development

The Tower Club

The University Learning Institute

The University of Maryland


U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

U.S. Courts

U.S. Marines

U.S. Navy

Ventera Corporation

Virginia Tech



The Westchester PMI Chapter

The World Bank

Zozer, Inc.


Webinar with PMIWDC: “The Leader in the Mirror”

Although the fundamentals of leadership have remained the same for eons, the demands upon leaders have changed. Today, people expect their jobs and their projects to be challenging, interesting and engaging. The leaders of successful projects, programs and organizations know this, and they know how to create a collaborative environment in which their team members and employees are challenged, interested, and engaged. They recognize their success is not solely the result of how well they perform, but how well others perform, so they invest their time and energy in helping others succeed.

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